Your honour. It is with great displeasure that I stand before you to present my closing statement. However, do oblige as I take ample time in giving you the last fight for my case. I completely acknowledge that you’ve had four witnesses claiming to support the plaintiff’s call. But hear me out. For this wasn’t gambling. This isn’t about wrongful criminalisation. This is about pride. The six of us consentingly delved into this arrangement. Knowing very well that not all of us will gain from this. Which I am completely in concurrence with. However, I will bow out gracefully if I indeed was meant to. But, your honour,  kindly note. I spent a lot of effort into working my way up this system. Granted, it was all a risk I was aware of. But I was at no point at the bottom of the barrel. I was sailing through with absolute comfort. Looks like my respected contenders forgot that this arrangement could also lead to my being the gainer of it all. Call it what you want. Envy. Greed for success. I’m not gonna stoop to labelling their motive with certainty. For, quiet honestly, I know not the truth of it. But what I do know is that I was wronged. I’m the victim here your honour. I’m the one who…

“Oh for God’s sake Anuj! You did NOT say Uno! If nobody heard you say it, it obviously doesn’t count.”

But Ma!!

“Uff! If winning matters so much to you that you come up with all this bullshit, I’ll have your cousins convinced to accept defeat and move on to the next game. Stop annoying me when I’m watching TV”

Thank you, your honour. Your righteous judgement is..

“Oh shut up and go back into your room. Tell the others that dinner will be ready in 15. If you’re not out by then, y’all go to bed hungry.”

I rest my case your honour. Thereby leaving this courtroom with my head held high. Just for the record…. Uno!


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