Mornings. My nemesis. A not-so-gentle interruption to my only solace- sleep.

Awake I was. Yet again. Already brooding about how I’m likely gonna have another disastrous day. More annoyed by how I didn’t get to sleep any longer. My eyes were still too egoistic to give in to the morning and remained shut. I had to rub it a few times to have it acquaint with the dawn. Though dawn had barely broken in.


I could hear those birds chirping from outside. People always think that these creatures are embracing the beautiful morning and singing the joys of a new day. But I could swear that they were just loudly whining about how they had to wake up too.

I stretched my hands out and let out a subtle groan

“Rise and shine!”

I froze and instantly snapped out of my sleep.

Someone else was in my room. Such a familiar voice but so disconcerting when you live alone.

I looked across my room at this very instant. There on my stool was another girl. I saw a pair of eyes that I knew too well. Wait. This face…

It’s… What!? How could this be?! It is… me?!!

What was this? How was I sitting across the room too? Was this some sick joke or was I hallucinating? I must still be asleep. But with the amount of anxiety I was currently experiencing I would’ve most certainly woken up.


Who…what are you?

“What do you mean who am I?” this…thing… this apparition of sorts, replied, laughing.

You look like me. But you can’t be me. I am me.

“Well, so am I.” she said



“That doesn’t matter. The question should be ‘why?’ ”


Her voice. It was such a contrast to my groggy morning voice. So much more confident than how I normally sound. Her hair was flawless. She was fitting perfectly into that favourite dress. Her skin was glowing. For some reason her eyes constantly seemed to have a smile. A very comforting look. Everything about her was so…perfect. She was everything I wanted to be. Wait.  *I* was everything I wanted to be.


Alright. So why are you here?

“To talk”


About what?



I don’t think we’d have to time for that!  I said. With a smirk. Being funny. I just realized how comfortable I had gotten with this situation.

“We don’t really need too much time”


Err. Okay. So where do we begin?


“With a question”

Umm, alright?   I asked, sensing how weird this kept getting.


“Let’s ignore all the strangeness of this. Forget everything that is weird about this for a moment. Let’s just accept that this is normal. What’s the feeling you have when you remove all this peculiarity?”


This was a good question, I’ll admit. My curiousity did want me to indulge more than anything. Just so I  could understand what was happening.

So for a moment I accepted. I accepted this as a normality. I stared at my ghost-like, apparition-thingamajig.  This perfect representation of me. The most comforting reflection I’ve ever had.


I felt it. Something reassuring. Something so warm inside. She was looking at me patiently. Calmly expecting an answer. Another contrasting characteristic feature of me.

I then realized it. I answered.




She smiled. Looking so satisfied.


“That’s it. We’re done.”


That’s it?!


“That IS everything, isn’t it? Hope IS everything”


She was right. All that brood and haplessness suddenly fueled some newfound zest for life.


“Now that you have hope, all you need is faith. Cause hope helps you hear the music of tomorrow, but faith will teach you to dance to it today.”


I didn’t understand why any of this was happening. This conversation. But nonetheless, it helped resurge something within that I hadn’t felt in a long time.


“So I repeat. Rise, and shine.”

What am I? The sun? I joked. Completely embracing the absurdity of this situation at this point.


“No. I am.

But you could be too. Just go ahead, and make someone’s day like the sun does.

Just like I made yours”


And slowly  like that she vanished. By now morning has broken entirely. The sky is lit and the birds are still singing.

I can swear that they are loudly embracing the beautiful morning and singing the joys of a new day.


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